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  Dongguan  Guang Ji Hydraulic Machinery Factory was established in 2002, is a professional enterprise for the design. Development, production of hydraulic machinery enterprises. Manufacturing hvdraulic machinery for 15 years, the products are exported to the Southeast. Europe and theUnited States and other foreign markets. The main production fr ame type. Two column and four column type, Ctype. Deep drawing type. coldextrusion type and other products, more than 120 specifications, tonnage from 1 to 3000 tons, can design and produce all kinds of noD-standardhydraulic equipment and production line according to customer requirements.

  Products using advanced control system, the nTnin hvdraulic components used in Gemrany BOSCH-Rexroth. Elertricarl components used in FranceTE and. Tapan's Mitsubrshi, seals selectecd japans NOK and other international brAnds. products are widely used in hardware, glasses,watches,tableware, auto parts, micro-Jew elery, toys. Electronics, printing. TitrnitL] re, construction, moILJ manuf. Returing. 1rlLj other hdurries. Wich met. 1lmaterials stretching, embossing,Molding, electromc components pressing, furniture curved wood, emhnqsed, paste board, powder metatllurgy partsmanufactunng, rubher vulcamzation and orher plirposes.

  GuangJi based on industry, done by"praginatic and enterprising"attitude,"customer first"business ph ilosophy,"friends wherever, cooperation every-where"as the enterprise culture, to continue to meet and exceed the needs of customers, so as to establish the reputation ofexcellence.