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How to operate to avoid hydraulic press failure

Release time :2017-10-30 11:12:02

How to operate to avoid hydraulic press failure? Dongguan hydraulic press hydraulic system failure happens for many reasons, sums up three aspects:

1. Hydraulic press mechanical failure, including the hydraulic system design is unreasonable, incorrect installation clearance, hydraulic components quality issue, seal improper selection and so on, the hydraulic system failure caused by these problems usually has nothing to do with the hydraulic oil.

2. The error caused by press hydraulic system failure, this refers to the hydraulic system in normal operation due to the operator caused by improper operation, such as error opening and closing of the valve, suddenly interrupted power supply, high operating temperature and pressure, and the wrong during oil filling oil, fuel tank oil level too high or too low, not from the bottom of the tank in time out the separation of water and so on. Due to the error made