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The working principle of hydraulic press vane pump

Release time :2017-11-02 10:16:16

Currently used in the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump are mainly gear pump, vane pump, plunger pump, screw pump, etc. The first three pump USES the most widespread. Dongguan hydraulic press below small make up the main vane pump as an example to explain.

The working principle of hydraulic press vane pump. It is mainly composed of oil pressure rotor, stator, blade and end cover, etc. And double action vane pump is remarkable. Inside surface of the stator vane pump is a circle, have certain eccentricity between stator and rotor, oil distribution at the ends of the plate open only one oil absorption window and a pressure oil window. Leaves in a rotor slot, and can slide along the groove. When the rotor rotation, due to the effect of centrifugal force, abuts on the inner wall of the stator blade, so on both sides of the stator, rotor, blade and oil distribution If a disk is formed between ?