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How to repair hydraulic press of overflow valve?

Release time :2017-11-14 14:19:57

Overflow valve mainly is the pressure control valve in the hydraulic press, have the effect of constant pressure relief regulator, to reasonable maintenance overflow valve, first of all need to know in plays the role of the hydraulic press, can better maintenance.

Four column hydraulic press 1, the pressure regulating overflow system, adopts the quantitative pump oil throttle speed regulation, often set the throttle valve on the oil into the oil or back or speed regulating valve, make the pump oil into the hydraulic cylinder as part of the work, and the excess oil must be approved by the overflow valve flow back to the fuel tank, the overflow valve in the setting pressure normally open state, the regulating spring pre-tightening force, also can adjust the working pressure of the system.

2, oil hydraulic press system adopts the variable pump, the system have no spare oil to overflow, the working pressure is determined by the load, then with the pump in parallel of overflow valve ?