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When operating the hydraulic press don't respond to how to deal with?

Release time :2017-11-17 14:00:40

Hydraulic press manufacturer of hydraulic press is a special hydraulic oil as working medium, the host and control mechanism of two parts. Dongguan hydraulic press host part includes airframe, master cylinder and cylinder of pack out and filling liquid equipment, etc. What if I found the hydraulic press operation without reaction, what is the cause of this situation?

1, wear: hydraulic valve core, valve cover, valve and other mechanical parts during the movement, when use friction unceasingly, makes parts size shape and surface quality change and failure. Electromagnetic directional valve core wear or deformation, would make the leakage in the valve and make the efficiency decreases, and dirt easy entry clearance or deformation, thus make the valve core produces mechanical jam phenomenon. If the fit clearance of valve core and valve hole is too big, will produce pressure impact ?