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How to reduce the four-column hydraulic press machinery noise

Release time :2017-11-06 14:34:06

Four-column hydraulic press is the work category is three times the hydraulic press for metal forming of careful cleaning fluid Yin's hole. Raid development of overflow valve, such as found relaxation or due to wear and tear, it shall promptly repair or change; Single-column hydraulic press select limbs combined operation briefly, homework first mobilization with idle for 5 minutes before the raid fuel tank oil level is satisfy the oil pump whether information is deformed hydraulic unit and pipeline piston have told representation is discussed in this paper. Homework oil presented with 32 or 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, used oil temperature within 15 to 60 degrees Celsius scale; The oil for severe promised to participate in the tank after filtering; Homework oil change once a year when the ChuDu change here should not exceed three months; Machinery is briefly recall the add parts surface should be clean