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CNC hydraulic press causes of vibration at work?

Release time :2017-11-16 09:02:00

At work, we all know that the numerical control hydraulic press work in abnormal, there will be noise produced when the vibration of the numerical control hydraulic press at the same time is also one of the cause of the noise. Small make up to you to analyze, such as CNC hydraulic press are the cause of the vibration.

Suddenly return: after 1, force pressure hydraulic press, after pressurized elastic compression because working liquid pressure cylinder, cylinder frame, beam, work force produce elastic deformation, die, etc, will be stored energy, if return when unloading too quickly, this part of the energy release suddenly, will cause shock vibration.

The sudden loss of load, force, hydraulic press for blanking, punching and trimming process, such as due to the material fracture, deformation resistance suddenly decreases, and the ?