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Dongguan hydraulic press how to remove the cartridge valve cartridge

Release time :2017-08-16 14:40:32

Hydraulic press repair cartridge valve, will encounter of instrumentation remove problem L'll be the first to ready to remove tools, remove tool can purchase or homemade. Remove instrumentation tools, by locking, supporting the handle, t-shaped pole and impact casing, etc. The general overhaul shop all have such tools. Dongguan step and method of hydraulic press remove instrumentation for:

1. Hydraulic press to unload cartridge valve plate or pilot valve;

2. The damper, such as the baffle and valve sleeve case into one yuan the process;

3. Remove the spring, carefully remove the valve core.

4. Insert the disassembly tool of locking valve set inside the hole, and - I turn T stem gas, open expansion sets, with the help of the impact of the impact of the valve sleeve are taken from the integrated block hole, also's party ~ afraid to take out the valve cover.

It is important to note that ? before disassembly