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Clean the servo hydraulic press: do you know how to do?

Release time :2017-10-11 10:42:51

We should understand the general mechanical equipment if use after a long time, but we don't have to clean up in time, and then reach what we want to use effect not just, and our mechanical equipment use fixed number of year of the time is not too long, so timely cleaning machinery and equipment also is we should to do, today, the staff of the servo hydraulic press manufacturer to tell you, what should the correct cleaning servo hydraulic press?

1. General servo hydraulic press cleaning, try to use more use hydraulic oil or oil. However, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquid cannot be used to prevent the hydraulic parts, pipe, tank and seals of the corrosion.

2. In the process of cleaning, you can use the non-metallic impact hammer rod tube, can strike, in Israel