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Hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder issue: what is the cause of abnormal sound?

Release time :2017-11-09 09:47:41

Hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder runtime abnormal sound, should cause enough attention, even a tiny tear also cannot be ignored. Abnormal noise leads to the sliding surface strain burned, leakage is serious, movement speed is not stable, operation is not normal, thrust is not enough, and so on, finally lead to the overhaul of the hydraulic cylinder and scrap, must not penny wise and pound foolish.

1. The air mixed with the hydraulic cylinder, air mixed with hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder run unstable, cause the oil bubble in cylinder cracked. Elimination method: hydraulic cylinder end set exhaust system, air in cylinder.

2. The relative sliding surface with tight: such as the piston and cylinder with tight, or YouYan, mark, except the thrum is not normal, even will cause the hydraulic cylinder motion difficulty.