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Four-column hydraulic press cylinder how to change?

Release time :2016-12-08 16:07:57

  When four column hydraulic press cylinder is broken, or problems arise, we will split out the cylinder, so how are we going to on the basis of not broken hydraulic press, the security put it down? First, four-column hydraulic press the upper die from hydraulic cylinder cylinder rod apart, take hydraulic cylinder cylinder rod out of the upper die, single column hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder seal is best not to is line change, will break down the hydraulic cylinder clean dust-free plateform. Then after hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder end cover removed, pull out plug and plug rod to remove the front cover. By then, the hydraulic cylinder seal is basically can flush in front of you.

  Hydraulic press seal commonly used basic a good variety of, and there's some combination seal, and some take seal ? common use guide ring and dust prevention