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Four-column hydraulic press each parts is introduced

Release time :2016-12-08 16:08:43

Four-column hydraulic press main related structure: four-column hydraulic press is made up of mainframe and control system of two parts. Four-column hydraulic press host part includes airframe, master cylinder and cylinder of pack out and filling liquid equipment, etc. Driving by the fuel tank, high-pressure pump, low voltage control system, motor and all kinds of pressure force and direction valves, etc. Dynamic mechanism under the control of the electric device, through the pump and the oil cylinder and hydraulic valve.

Control valve, control of the hydraulic oil flow, flow, pressure, hydraulic actuator working order and hydraulic circuit protection function. Speak of popular is controlling and regulating the flow of hydraulic medium, pressure and flow rate, to control the direction of the actuator, output force or torque, speed, action sequence, to