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Four-column hydraulic press principle of work is what

Release time :2016-12-31 11:48:11



  We have to speak in front of the hydraulic press type is not only a single arm hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press. Hydraulic press type has a lot of, different hydraulic press has certain difference, its working principle is also here mainly introduces the working principle of four column hydraulic press. Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic drive system by the power of agency, control mechanism, actuator, auxiliary mechanism and the working medium.
Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic system of dynamic mechanism usually adopt oil pump as power, as a general rule, be product type oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of actuator movement speed, to choose a pump or more oil pump. (hydraulic high pressure is less than 32.0 MP) with a plunger pump; Medium voltage (hydraulic is less than 6.3 MP) use vane pump; Low voltage (oil pressure is less than 2.5 MP) using the gear pump. Can be used for all kinds of ?